Spark of Life - "Empower One, Inspire Many"
Are you interested in helping a
child prepare for future success?
What is my role as a sponsor/mentor?
1)  Financially assist a protégé with their registration fee.
2)  Attend the end-of-program celebration to show support for your protégé.
3)  Lend a helping hand or guidance, as needed, to your protégé in regards to their academics, family relations and personal development...serve as a role model.
What can I get from being a sponsor/mentor?
1)  Self-gratification that you've helped a child improve his or her chances of becoming a successful and productive citizen in the future.
2)  Bio of your protégé to include the following info:  Name, Age, School, Grade, Hobbies, Future Career Aspirations, and Family Background (i.e. parents, siblings, etc.)
3) The opportunity to be a part of a wonderful program and to serve as a leader in the community.
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