Spark of Life - "Empower One, Inspire Many"
About Us
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Mission: To empower and support youth, families and communities with programs and events that help build educational, personal and leadership development skills.
Vision: Every participant will have a positive experience and depart our programs and events with a "pay it forward" attitude.
Our focus is to "P.A.C.E. Leadership" with participants in the following areas:
  • Personal Development
  • Academic Enrichment
  • Character Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership Development
Target Audience: Female youth ages 6-18
Program Objectives: To assist participants with the following:
  • Developing a positive self-image
  • Increasing their self-esteem
  • Establishing short and long-term goals leading to academic success
  • Fostering positive, sincere relationships with others
  • Exploring options for career development and college entrance
  • Engaging in community service activities
Locations: Serving all students in the Metro Richmond/Tri-Cities areas

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